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  • Aquaforest Strontium

Aquaforest Strontium

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Strontium help accelerate the growth of stony skeletal structures in SPS and LPS corals while being a essential nutrient for soft corals like gorgonians, zoas, and mushrooms.  Strontium is an essential part of any corals nutritional profile. Many different types of corals will greatly benefit from the addition of Strontium by growing faster. Stoney corals like LPS and SPS corals will experience faster growth of the internal skeletal structure.


Add 1 drop of Strontium per 100 L (27 gal). 1ml Strontium (~ 15 drops) rise 1,09 ppm in 100L (27 US gal)

Caution: Overdosing may cause negative effects.