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2 tier honeycomb frag rack system for 40 gallon breeder aquarium

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Designed to fit into a standard 40 gallon breeder aquarium (36" x 18" x 16") with room around the sides to be able to clean the glass.

The system comes with 4 honeycomb frag racks. Each tier can have a separate accent color and base color.
Base color is the top and bottom of the rack, the accent color is the middle. Pictured is a black base color with accent color of UV Reactive Orange.

Please choose the base color then add your accent colors in the notes box at checkout.

Front tier - UV Orange
Back tier - UV Yellow

Each rack measures 16" x 7.5". Two racks are 3" high, two racks are 5" high. This gives a total rack size of 32" x 15" leaving room between the rack and the glass on all sides.

Legs are detachable, if you would like racks of different heights than the standard extension/replacement legs can be purchased separately below .