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Honeycomb Frag transport container 32oz

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Introducing our innovative Coral Frag Transport Container, meticulously designed for the safe and secure journey of your precious coral frags.

Designed for Convenience and Safety: Crafted with utmost care and precision, this transport container is a robust 32-ounce solution tailored for your coral frags' safe transportation. Its intelligent design features a honeycomb frag rack with integrated TPU frag plug holders. This innovative setup ensures that your frags remain firmly in place, preventing any movement or damage during transit, whether it's a short ride from the local fish store or an extended journey via plane, train, or road trip.

Advanced Construction: The honeycomb frag rack, meticulously 3D printed in PETG, is ingeniously fashioned with TPU holders that cradle each frag securely. Positioned strategically, the rack sits precisely 0.5 inches from the container's bottom, providing ample protection while maintaining optimal water flow and stability.

Versatile and Customizable: We understand the need for flexibility in transporting various coral frag sizes. Hence, the container is designed with a removable handle. This handle simplifies removal while offering the option to free up space for larger or differently shaped frags. Should the handle be detached, the entire rack can be utilized independently, accommodating an array of frag sizes and shapes for your convenience.

Exceptional Protection, Anywhere, Anytime: No matter where your journey takes you—be it across town or across continents—rest assured your coral frags are shielded within this durable and thoughtfully engineered transport container. Its robust build ensures the safe arrival of your frags, allowing you to enjoy a thriving and vibrant aquatic environment upon arrival.

Experience the epitome of convenience, safety, and versatility with our Coral Frag Transport Container. Elevate the way you transport and care for your precious coral frags today!

Jar Measures:

3.88" Tall 

4.375" Wide