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1/4" RO Tubing Brackets - 5 Pack 3D Printed

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Clean up the mess of RODI tubes traveling your wall with these clips.  These are designed to work with polyethylene tubing but can also work with 1/4" OD tubing for dosing pumps.  These give a nice solid click when the tubing is pushed in so it will hold on even if you're moving the tube around while working.  

Choose the color you like to match your wall or sump.  


Includes the tubing brackets and mounting hardware.  Tubing is not included.  


Single bracket measures 1 inch long 

Double bracket measures 1 3/8 inch long 

Triple bracket measures 1 3/4 inch long 

Quad bracket measures 2 1/8 inches long 

Height of all the brackets are 3/8" 

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