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3D Printed Skimmer Waste Container Lid

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  • $24.99
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Reefers use everything from soda bottles to professional waste containers costing hundreds of dollars.  We set out to make an affordable alternative with our skimmer waste container lid.  

Forget about skimmer cup overflows and accidental spills

Our waste container connects to a wide mouth mason jar (not included) and includes a 1/2" barb fitting to directly connect to your skimmer cup drain (if your skimmer has one).  We highly recommend adding a float switch to connect the waste container to your controller to shut off your skimmer when this container is full.

This lid also has a small container on top to add carbon to reduce the smell from the collected skimmate this also vents the container to allow free flow from your skimmer. 

 The optional float switch has a 13 inch wire to attach to an aquarium controller, if you opt to not include the float switch a stopper will be included to plug the hole but the container will overflow if not stopped. 

Mason Jars are easily obtained from stores such as Walmart or Target and come in various sizes up to 64oz for even the largest tank.   1 gallon mason jar looks to be discontinued in the wide mouth version.  This will not fit the new super wide mouth gallon sized container.


 This Waste container lid includes the following:

  • Lid to fit a wide mouth mason jar
  • 1/2" fitting for skimmer waste line
  • Container with lid to hold carbon attached to vent pipe 
  • Nut to hold carbon container to lid
  • Optional float Switch

*all parts are printed in PETG which is 100% reef safe

*Skimmer, mason jar, and skimmer drain line not included