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7" x 16" 200 Micron Filter Sock
7" x 16" 200 Micron Filter Sock

7" x 16" 200 Micron Filter Sock

Clear Choice Aquatics
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Filter Socks are an essential part of aquarium filtration. They remove excess food, detritus, organic wastes, and other particulates to give you crystal clear water.  

200 Micron Filtration - filters well while also being able to go longer between changes.

Standard 7 inch ring - made of high quality thick plastic unlike other socks that use inferior plastics.  Fits all 7" filter sock holders. 

Polyester Felt material - using felt as a filter sock material has it's advantages such as removing m
icro bubbles from your overflow.  Micro bubbles won't pass through the felt material as they would a mesh material.  
Reusable -  When your filter sock needs to be cleaned we include washing instructions in every order to get the most uses out of your socks.

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