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Algae Free Acrylic Pad Kit (Piranha & Hammerhead)

Algae Free Acrylic Pad Kit (Piranha & Hammerhead)

Algae Free LLC.
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Acrylic-Safe Replacement Kit 
For all Hammerhead & Piranha cleaners


  • Each kit includes:
  • (1) Adhesive-backed natural felt pad for protection on outer surfaces of acrylic tanks
  • (3) 9″ x 5″ acrylic-safe inner scrubbing pads (makes 12 Hammerhead Float pads)
  • (1) Self-adhesive, non-toxic medical grade Velcro pad for holding acrylic safe scrubbing pads on inner assembly

The felt and Velcro pads should be replaced approximately every 3-6 months.

The acrylic-safe scrubbing pads are washable and reusable but should be replaced when worn. These pads MUST be used on acrylic aquariums. You should always monitor and remove any debris on pads as it could scratch the aquarium walls. Never use the acrylic safe pads on the exterior of your acrylic aquarium–it will scratch. Only use on interior submerged surfaces.

To replace the felt pad:

1. Pull as much of the old felt off the wood piece as possible.

2. Using a piece of 100 grit sandpaper, lay the cleaner down onto a flat surface and rub the cleaner on the sandpaper to remove the rest of the felt and adhesive.

3. Peel and stick the new felt onto the wood piece and place onto the aquarium for 6 hours to make sure the felt adheres properly.

To replace the Velcro holding pad:

1. Pull the old Velcro off the inner assembly.

2. Peel and stick the new Velcro pad onto the inner assembly.

To replace the acrylic safe scrubbing pad:

1. Pull the old acrylic-safe scrubbing pad off the interior Velcro holding pad (discard if worn).

2. Cut the acrylic-safe scrubbing pad to size and place it on the Velcro holding pad.