• CSPDI 2:1 Manual Flush 90-GPD RO/DI System

CSPDI 2:1 Manual Flush 90-GPD RO/DI System

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SpectraPure® Low-Waste 90gpd CSPDI 4-Stage RODI System w/ Manual Membrane Flush. The new CSPDI incorporates SpectraPure’s individually tested, 99% ultra-high-rejection SpectraSelect™Plus TFC membrane, 0.5 micron Sediment & 0.5 micron Carbon Block Pre-Filtration Stages, a Super-DI™ SilicaBuster™ High-Capacity DI Cartridge, and a sturdy, powder-coated wall mount bracket. With the new 3-Probe TDS Meter, water purity levels are now monitored at the membrane feed, at the membrane output, and at the DI stage output, assuring “000 TDS” product water. Periodic membrane flushing rinses accumulated impurities and concentrated waste water from the membrane surface. Membrane life and performance are preserved, allowing for a sustained 2:1 waste-to-product ratio. Feed valve, ASO valve, float valve, pressure gauge, and hose adapter are all included. Ultra-high-purity water at an economical price, CSP™ RODI purification systems maximize pure water production through application of our best TFC RO membranes and specialty deionization cartridges.


● 2:1 waste-to-product ratio produces 50% less waste water
● SpectraSelect™Plus 90gpd individually tested ultra-high (99%) rejection thin-film composite RO membrane
● Manual membrane flush valve for extended membrane life and performance
● SuperDI™ SilicaBuster™ high-capacity DI cartridge w/ custom blended ultra-pure deionization resins
● 0.5 micron MicroTec™ long-life high-efficiency sediment pre-filter
● 0.5 micron carbon block pre-filter w/ 20,000 ppm-gal chlorine removal capacity. 
● Three-probe inline TDS meter monitors membrane feed water, membrane product water, and DI product water purity
● Tri-color custom pressure gauge indicates when to change pre-filters
● Automatic shutoff valve (ASO) controls membrane feed while saving water
● In-line ball valve for manual system shut off
● Float valve for unattended operation
● High-quality standard 10 inch clear filter housings
● Deluxe powder coated wall-mount bracket
● 6-foot feed tubing, 8-foot product and waste lines included
● Housing wrench for easy filter removal
● Garden hose adapter for tap water hookup
● Dimensions: 15in x 7in x 16in
● 3-year manufacturer`s warranty

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