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Slim AI Prime Mount for 6MM glass

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  • $25.00
  • - 15%

This mount was designed for a customer who had a Waterbox Cube 20 with a Tunze 9001 DC Skimmer in the center chamber of the rear filter area.  This combination leaves little to no room inside the filter area.  This mount is much thinner than the stock flex arm mount but is printed solid so the strength is equal to or greater.  

There is no adjustment for tank thickness on this mount and it is intended for 6mm thick glass and there is some wiggle room as 3d printers vary with accuracy as well as glass isn't perfectly accurate in thickness.  The added space can be filled in with a business card or left alone as it is so small it had no effect on use. 


*FLEX ARM AND HARDWARE IS NOT INCLUDED, you will need an AI Flex arm kit in 12 or 18 inches

*Printed in PETG so it is reef safe

*3D Printed parts do not ship same day as they are printed on demand.  Please allow up to 48 hours for shipping although typically prints will ship next day.