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Cuvette Captain - The Hanna cuvette adaptor for Auto Aqua Smart Stir magnetic stirrer

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Introducing the Cuvette Captain – Your Sidekick for Hassle-Free Stirring!

Are you tired of playing "Find the Center" with your Hanna cuvettes? Say goodbye to wobbles and off-center spins! Meet the Cuvette Captain – the ingenious solution designed to transform your Smart Stir magnetic stirrer into a precision powerhouse for Hanna Instruments cuvettes.

Key Features:

🎯 Perfect Centering:
The Cuvette Captain is your trusty navigator, ensuring your Hanna cuvettes find the center stage effortlessly. No more guessing games, just spot-on spins every time!

🔒 Secure Hold:
Wave goodbye to wobbles! Our Cuvette Captain locks your cuvette in place, providing a steady foundation for your reagent dance. Because in the aquarium world, stability is everything!

🌪️ Smooth Stirring Magic:
Let the magnetic stir bar do its dance without the drama. The Cuvette Captain lets you add reagent without knocking over your cuvette – aquarium testing has never been easy!

⚙️ Universal Adaptation:
Compatible with the Smart Stir Universal Holder, the Cuvette Captain is your adaptable companion. Transform your stirring experience without reinventing the wheel (or stirrer, in this case).

Upgrade your aquarium testing game with the Cuvette Captain – because every cuvette deserves a smooth spin! Grab yours now and let the precision party begin! 🌊🧪✨

*Cuvette or Auto Aqua smart stir are sold separately and not included in this listing.

Customer Reviews

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Great Deal and it worked perfectly. It fits the 10 ml Cuvette to a tee.