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Fluval Flex 15 rear chamber covers Fluval flex 57l

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Introducing our innovative 3D Printed Solution for the Fluval Flex 15 Aquarium! Designed for aquarium enthusiasts who prefer to remove the stock lid, our product offers a sleek and functional solution for covering the filtration area at the back of your tank.

Crafted with precision using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, our product boasts a unique carbon fiber pattern on the top surface, elevating the visual appeal of your aquarium setup. Not only does it provide a clean and polished look, but it also serves as a conversation starter for fellow hobbyists.

The 3-piece set is thoughtfully designed to cater to your needs. It includes a cover for the middle chamber and a cover for the pump chamber, both equipped with pass-through holes for cords. This allows for seamless integration of heaters, and other essential equipment, maintaining a tidy and organized appearance.

Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with our 3D Printed Solution for the Fluval Flex 15 Aquarium. Elevate your aquatic world and create a stunning showcase for your underwater ecosystem like never before. Upgrade today and make a statement with a product that truly stands out!

**carbon fiber pattern shows best on darker colors like black. Pattern is more subtle on lighter colors.

These are printed in PETG so they are reef safe.

All Available colors shown here:

*3D printed items are printed after purchase, these items are not included in our same day shipping policy and typically will ship the following day or within 48 hours.