HYDROS Triple Optical Water Level Sensor

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3 Water Level Sensors for Added Redundancy

The HYDROS Triple Optical Water Level Sensor can be used for a variety of aquarium applications, such as sensing when your tank needs to be topped off or detecting when a dosing container needs a refill. It plugs into any Sense Port on a HYDROS device (like the Control XS, X2, X4, X10, etc.) and does not require any additional power source.

The HYDROS Water Level Sensor contains no moving parts that can fail. The optical eye is magnetically coupled with the magnet side measuring only ¼” thick. It can be mounted to most clear, tinted, or painted surfaces up to ½” thick. The sensor operates in the daytime or complete darkness so it’s safe for use hidden inside your aquarium stand or in the back chambers of an all-in-one aquarium. The sensors are easy to place, easy to move, and easy to clean.

Triple Optical Water Level Sensor Features:


    Triple Optical Water Level Sensor Specs:

    Diameter: 0.75” 
    Sensor: 0.75” thick
    Magnet Mount: 0.25” thick
    Cord length: 75"
    Max Mounting Thickness: ½”

    For freshwater and saltwater aquariums

    The HYDROS Water Level Sensor uses a GX12 aviation-style connector so that the Control can maintain its IP65 rating (dust-tight and protected from water spray at any angle).

    3 Sensor Operation

    When the water level in the sump or aquarium drops below the LOW LEVEL (3) on the sensor, it will fill the water till it reaches NORMAL LEVEL (2).

    SAFETY LEVEL SENSOR (1) is a backup to shut down the feed pump in case of a malfunction; in this case, an alarm can be triggered.

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