IceCap Coral Frag Transport Container (8 Plugs)

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Travel Safely With Your Corals

The IceCap Frag Transport Container is the perfect way to commute coral frags safely from one location to another. It is the ideal companion to bring with you on trips to your local fish store, frag swap, club meeting, or aquarium show!

Hold Up to 8 Frags—Even If They Have Different Sized Plugs!

The IceCap Transport Container is a water-tight container that holds up to 8 coral frags. Inside the container sits a round frag rack with 8 cutouts to hold your frags. Each cutout has a special membrane inside to lock your frags in place. In the center of the frag rack is a post with a handle on top so you can easily lift and lower the rack into the carrier without getting your hands wet. The post and flat-handle top also keep the rack from moving around inside the carrier. The rack itself does not rest on the bottom of the carrier. There are feet on the bottom so your plugs have space to slide in and stay put instead of getting pushed back up and out of the tray.

The IceCap Coral Frag Transport Container has a screw-on gasket sealing lid to lock your corals safe inside so you won’t have to ever worry about leaks. Each hole is numerically labeled so you can keep track of what type of coral is in each position. Another benefit of the membranes inside the plug holders is that they are able to accommodate a variety of different sized frag plugs. We have all had that experience of buying a coral that comes on a plug that won’t fit in our frag rack. With these special membranes,  you won’t have that problem with the IceCap Coral Frag Transport Container.

The IceCap Frag Transport Container is a Perfect Coral Dipping Station

The Coral Frag Transport Container is a versatile frag transport system. Not only can you safely bring corals with you when you travel, but the carrier itself lends itself perfectly for dipping and acclimating new corals once you get home. You can use the carrier to bathe and disinfect new corals with coral dip before introducing them to your aquarium. You can even quarantine an existing frag from your system inside the carrier to cleanse it if you suspect or observe pests or diseases. 

IceCap Transport Container: At-a-Glance

  • What’s included?

    • Transport Container

    •  Frag Tray

  • Transport Container Size:

    • Dimensions: 123mm W x 88mm H

    • Water Volume: 500ml with the rack inside (there are hash marks in ml on the side of the container)