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Intake Strainer for MJ/MP Pumps

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Using an MJ1200 pump to tumble chaeto in our refugium we found out quickly that small pieces break off and get stuck in the pump.  The strainer that came with the pump also clogged quickly so we decided to make our own.  

This strainer slides onto the intake of the pump and features a 1.75 inch round honeycomb grid to capture large particles before they get stuck to in pumps impeller or damage the pump. 

  • The entire piece is 1.25 inches long but only .6 inches is added to the pumps size.
  • Each octagon in the grid measures 2.5mm

Printed in petg so it is 100% reef safe 

*Pump is not included 

*3D printed items are printed after purchase, these items are not included in our same day shipping policy and typically will ship the following day or within 48 hours.