Kamoer F1 Liquid Dosing Pump

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Liquid Doser with WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity

Obtain flexible and precise control of liquid additions into an aquarium. It's easy-to-use mobile interface makes setup a breeze. Daisy chain up to four F1 PRO dosers per power supply.

Dosing Times: 24 times/day -once/99 days
Fluid Volume: .1ml - 9999.9ml
Accuracy: <+/-2%

Convenient Remote Control with WiFi and Simple Local Control with Bluetooth

The Kamoer F1 is a single-channel intelligent liquid dosing pump with BOTH WiFi and Bluetooth control capabilities. This unit will allow the precise automation of adding liquid additives and elements to your aquarium. 

*Requires a Bluetooth-capable mobile device to operate locally via Bluetooth. A WiFi-capable mobile device with an isolated 2.4ghz capable router is required for remote  WiFi control. 

Kamoer F1 Features:

  • Quiet Operation
  • Adjustable dosing volume with flow calibration function
  • Uses Kamoer Remote App, which supports iOS and Android
  • The battery backup feature retains the correct time if power is lost
  • Pharmed BPT long-life tubing (4mm OD x 2mm ID)
  • Multiple F1 Units can be daisy-chained together
  • Up to 24 dosing points per day with a custom dosing period
  • Dosing frequency, daily/ ever "X" days / specific days
  • Delay setting between multiple F1 prevents chemical interference
  • Monitors the amount of liquid remaining in dosing container
  • Firmware updates via App
  • Compact footprint (100 x 100 x 60mm) LxWxH 

F1 Specifications:

Modes: Automatic or Manual
Number of Dosing: 24 times/day - 1 time/99 days
Dosing Accuracy: <+/-2%
Fluid Volume Range: 0.1ml-9999ml
Flow: <33ml/min
Pump Life: >2000 hours

Inside the package:

  • F1 dosing pump
  • Graduated cylinder
  • Power adapter - Up to 4 - F1 Pumps
  • PVC Tubing:  ID*OD 3*5mm


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