Maxspect Nano-Tech Anaerobic-Block

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Nano-Tech Nitrate Removing Filter Blocks

Maxspect Nano-Tech Anaerobic-Blocks efficiently remove nitrates from fresh and marine aquariums. This proprietary technology is specifically designed to stimulate the growth of anaerobic bacteria which completes the nitrification cycle essentially breaking down nitrates into the form of nitrogen gas. The Nano-Ceramic beads in the Anaerobic Blocks are specially treated to excel at establishing anaerobic heterotrophic bacteria which strives in anoxic environments. The porous structure is the ideal living condition and environment for bacterial colonies, and will not decompose or become brittle. 


x2 pcs - 3.75 x 3.75 x 1in Anaerobic-Blocks treat up to 1,000L/264 Gal

x1 - Anaerobic Denitrification Catalyst