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Pod Palace V2 Copepod Breading Block

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Introducing the new and improved POD Palace version 2! Our original POD Palace was a hit among reef enthusiasts, and now we've taken it to the next level with a dense matrix of holes and cavities for copepods to crawl around, live in and reproduce. Made of reef safe PETG, this compact 2.75" x 2.75" x 2.75" structure is the perfect addition to your reef tank sump and even fits in the back of most AIO aquariums. The Pod Palace V2 provides a thriving habitat for your copepods. Upgrade your tank with the POD Palace version 2 and watch your copepod population thrive!


Using the POD Palace Version 2 is simple. Place it in your tank and wait for the pod population to grow. Once the POD Palace is filled with copepods, simply shake it in your display tank to give your fish a healthy and delicious snack.


All Available colors shown here:


These are printed in PETG so they are reef safe, as this is a 3D printed item the surface finish will not be as smooth as acrylic. Some minor surface imperfections are to be expected.  


*Does not include any copepods, they are likely already living in your tank


*3D printed items are printed after purchase, these items are not included in our same day shipping policy and typically will ship the following day or within 48 hours.

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