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USED Neptune Apex A3 Controller

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  • Unrivaled Control and Monitoring
  • Cutting-Edge Connectivity
  • Simplified User Experience
  • Add Safety and Reliability to Your Aquarium
  • Future-Proof Expandability


Unrivaled Control and Monitoring

Headlined by the A3 Apex base unit, this system boasts unparalleled monitoring capabilities, including temperature, pH, water level, and surface leaks detection. The included Energy Bar 832 serves as a power hub, featuring eight individual outlets with independent power consumption monitoring and three 1LINK outputs for seamless integration with Neptune Systems accessories like DŌS, Trident, and WAV pumps.

The Apex Fusion App - Apex Fusion is a free cloud-based service that allows you to connect to your Apex from anywhere in the world! This user-friendly platform allows effortless monitoring of your aquarium's vital parameters. With features like drag-and-drop customization, easy-to-use task functions to set up new equipment, and real-time alerts, Apex Fusion ensures that maintaining optimal conditions in your aquarium is hassle-free and efficient.

What Do I get with the A3 Apex?

A3 Base Unit: The Apex A3 Base Unit serves as the brain of the system. With its array of ports, including three FMM ports for fluid monitoring sensors, two Aquabus ports for connecting accessories and modules, and dedicated ports for pH and temperature probes, the A3 Base Unit offers unparalleled versatility and expandability.

Temperature Probe: If the temperature falls outside of the spcified safe zone, you'll receive a notification so that you can correct the issue. Crucial for detecting malfunctioning heaters early, allowing you to fix the problem before it's too late.

pH Probe: Knowing your aquarium's pH is helpful in a number of ways, but particularly useful if you're dosing two-part or kalkwasser to your aquarium. For example, the pH probe might help you detect a potential overdose due to a stuck dosing pump.

Magnetic Optical Sensor (MOS): This low-profile level sensor can be used for a number of purposes such as a high or low level warning in your sump or dosing container. It can be mounted on any type of material up to 1/4" thick. 

LD-2 Leak Detection Sensor: Protect your floors by placing this sensor inside your aquarium stand or any other flat surface where an overflow may cause issues. If water ever touches the sensor, your A3 Apex can notify you so you can take action.

EB832: The Energy Bar 832 has 8 standard plugs, 3 1LINK ports, 2 24VDC outputs, and 3 AquaBus ports. Having the EB832 connected to your Apex allows you to control your equipment remotely. You can even set up custom controls to turn certain outlets on/off if one of the other parameters falls outside of your safe zone. For example, if your tank's temperature is rising too high, you can have your Apex automatically turn on a cooling fan or cut power to a potentially malfunctioning heater. The possibilities are endless!




Head Unit Dimensions: 4.75" L x 5.25" H x 3.25" W

Energy Bar 832 Dimensions: 10" L x 6.5" H x 2.25" W

Connection Type: WiFi or Ethernet


A3 Apex Bundle Includes:

A3 Apex Base Unit

EB832 Energy Bar 832

Temperature Probe

pH Probe

MOS Magnetic Optical Sensor

LD-2 Leak Detection Sensor

6' Aquabus Cable

Calibration Solutions (7 & 10)


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